Discourse On Taiji Pushing Hands
Narrated By Yang Cheng Fu
Recorded By Chen Wei Ming

Translated By Peter Lim Tian Tek

Those in the world who have heard about Taijiquan, are not few in number. They know how to differentiate between the pure and the sundry, that their flavours are different. Pure Taiji, is such that arms are like cotton wrapping iron, soft and heavy. When pushing hands, one can distinguish. When holding a person, the hands are extremely light but one cannot pass. When emitting a person, its like discarding an elastic ball, rapidly crisp, not receiving any strength. Those tumbled out, only feel a single move, but don't feel any pain, and are already tumbled out more than three and a half metres. When adhering to a person, there is no grabbing or seizing, lightly sticking, like being stuck to glue and not being able to discard it, causing the person's arms to be unbearably sore and numb. This then is real Taiji. If one uses strength to press and push a person, although one can control a person and hit him out. But it will definitely entail great effort, the one receiving will feel pain, although hit out it cannot be crisp. In reverse, if one uses strength to seize and control one capable in Taijiquan, its like catching the wind and clutching at shadows, everwhere entering into emptiness. Also like being on water and plucking a bottle gourd, one just cannot seem to exert the strength.


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