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Peter Lim Tian Tek
Best known for
Being overly serious at times.
Martial Arts, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Fishing, Computers, etc.

About Peter

A Computer Systems Analyst by training, Peter works in a multinational computer firm looking after and providing systems support for corporate clients of the Singapore Regional Office. He is also currently reading a Masters in Business (Information Technology) course from Curtin University of Technology.

He started training in qigong and pile standing (zhuang gong) since he was 8 years old and formally began martial arts at the age of 9. His first martial art was Taijiquan and it has become his main art today. He also studied external martial arts such as TKD, Shaolin 5 Animal Fist, Sam Nan Tui, Ba Gua Pole, Wing Chun and Northern Shaolin Continous Boxing. The internal martial arts he studied are Yang style Taijiquan, Wu Jian Quan style Taijiquan, Wu Yu Xiang style Taijiquan, Chen style Taijiquan, Master Cheng Man Qing's 37 posture short form, Ba Gua Zhang, Yin Yang Ba Gua Zhang and a little Hsing-I. He has also learned some sets from other martial arts through friendly exchanges of knowledge with friends.

Peter's principle Taijiquan form is the old Yang form though he also knows Yang Cheng Fu's standard large frame and has studied other Yang forms including Master Cheng Man Qing's 37 posture short form, Taiji Long Boxing and Yang Shao Hou's small frame.

He combines both practice and study into the martial arts and has made studies into the historicity and development of the martial arts he has studied as well as the theoretical and philosophical basis of these arts. He stresses that theoretical grounding, practice and application of the art are equally important.

Peter is also a qualified TCM practitioner, having taken up the art to complement his martial arts training. He has also learnt some Dit Ta medicine from the teachers he has studied with.

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