Tung Ying Jieh's Taijiquan Basic Instructions

  1. Relax

  2. Use slow, continuous Movements

  3. In learning, do not apply any force in the movements. In practicing the exercise, one will gradually gain strength and know how to apply it.

  4. In learning,use natural breathing through the nose, but keep the breathing slow and gentle. With practice, breathing will be gradually mateched with the movements. Intentional matching of breathing with movements for beginners may, however, be harmful. After about one year's practice of Tai Chi Chuan when the movements become correct, smooth and effortless, the teacher may be requested to give instructions on the method of breathing during the exercise.

  5. In the various movements, pay special attention to the shifting of the body weight between the two feet. This is accomplished by shifting the position of the torso, whether forward, backward or sidewise. This torso should be maintained in a vertical posture.

  6. Pay attention also to the change in the direction the body is facing, through the twisting of the waist.

  7. During the exercise, knees and elbows are always bent, although the extent that they are bent is different and keeps changing.

  8. The knees, when bent, should not be further forward than the toes. This is helps to keep the balance.

  9. Whenever the hands are raised, keep the elbows slightly lower than the hands. This helps to relax the shoulders.

  10. In making steps, lower the heel first. Try to step in the way of a cat or a crane.

  11. Always use the mind to lead the movements. Hence the eyes should lead the movements, although in appearance, it may look as if the eyes follow the movements.

  12. Tai Chi Chuan may be played any time of the day, but the best time is in the early morning before breakfast and one hour before bed time. Avoid doing it immediately after a heavy meal, and do not sit down or take a cold water bath immediately after the exercise.

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