Peter's Taijiquan Resource Page Awards

Well my friends, what can I say? Its quite surprising and gratifying to receive awards for doing something you love. There is some rationale behind the design of the site. I've tried to keep its structure and code as simple as possible so that the information (it is after all content based) is easily retrieved and made available to the widest possible range of Taijiquan enthusiasts (not every body supports advanced HTML functions).

Tables are used sparingly as loading times are affected. Frames have so far been avoided in order to keep the page simple to navigate and view (some friends only have 640x480 resolution screens). In the future I might put in a frames based index page for those who are more used to that format. Irregardless, I try to make all the pages easy to navigate by ensuring that they have icon buttons that help them move back and forth a series or return back to the index page.

I've also kept graphics to only that which will serve a function rather than overload the page as loading speed is always a concern. That and the fact that this page is essentially non-profit and so web space is always a constraint. I'll try to keep a good balance of both graphics and text so that they complement each other in conveying information.

Hopefully there will be more awards as I continue to improve this page and my HTML skills. For those who have awarded these awards to my resource page, many heartfelt thanks!

GraphX Kingdom Select Site Award

Wetwired Approved Site Award

All comments are most welcome.

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