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Welcome to my home page. My name is Peter Lim Tian Tek. These web pages are dedicated to the art of Taijiquan which I have practiced since I was a young boy.

Over the years I've collected a modest library of literature on Taijiquan, both English language and Chinese language works. Combining both practice and the study of these works have made Taijiquan emmensely rewarding for me and lately I have begun to record down my research and practice in written form.

These articles are offered here freely for the benefit of the Taijiquan community. Feel free to download them and distribute them. I ask only that you don't change the contents and keep my name on them for copyright purposes.

This site is still under construction and more material will be put up in due time. Check back regularly for updates. As I have only recently taken up HTML, please forgive any shortcomings on this site. Your feedback will help to make it better.

A Word Of Thanks To My Teachers

I'd like to thank and acknowledge my teachers whose strict teachings and strong moral character have been inspirational and essential to my martial arts development. My knowledge and skills come from their unselfish sharing of the arts they love so well and I will continue to train, to study and to try to help others, hoping that I will not disappoint them.

Taijiquan History And Development
By Peter Lim Tian Tek

wutu.jpg - 3.7 K Part 1: The Origin Theories

Part 2: The Martial Arts Practiced In the Chen Village

Part 3: The Development Of Chen Style Taijiquan

Part 4: The Development Of Yang Style Taijiquan

Part 5: The Development Of Wu Yu Xiang Style Taijiquan

Part 6: The Development Of Wu Jian Quan Style Taijiquan

Part 7: The Development Of Sun Style Taijiquan

Part 8: The Development Of Zhao Bao Style Taijiquan

Part 9: Popular Modern Styles Of Taijiquan

Historical Series Notes

Different researchers have differing opinions concerning historical matters in martial arts. You are invited to form your own opinion based on investigation. Please feel free to email me if you want clarification, verification, references or express differing views based on research for the sake of furthering research.

Email Peter Lim about historical issues

Taijiquan Training

Traditional Yang Style Training Sequence

undertab.jpg - 5.77 K

Discourse On Jing

On Internal Strength And Internal/External Martial Arts

The Basis And Methodology Of Internal Martial Arts

Internal Strength Definitions And Elaborations

The Form

Yang Cheng Fu's 10 Essentials Of Taijiquan

Yang Cheng Fu's Talks On The Practice Of Taijiquan

Yang Style Eye Usage

Tung Ying Jieh's Taijiquan Basics

Dr Tsang Ju Pai's Taijiquan Principles And Techniques

Principles And Practices In Yang Taijiquan

Yang Style Taiji Long Boxing

The Practice Of Taiji Long Boxing

Yang Shao Hou's Small Frame

Yang Style Taijiquan Training Speed

The Importance Of Yi And Chi In Tai Chi Chuan

Tai Chi Chuan Method Of Breathing And Chi Direction

Push Hands

Yang Cheng Fu On Pushing Hands

A Slow Discourse On Push Hands (Part 1)

Ta Lu Push Hands

Ta Lu Push Hands

dyjspear.jpg - 6.86 K

Sparring Hands (San Shou)

Cheng Man Qing On San Shou

Taijiquan Weapons

Yang style Taiji Sword

Yang style Taiji Saber

Yang style Taiji Spear/Long Staff

Taijiquan Combat

The Combative Elements Of Yang Taijiquan

The Taijiquan Classics And Important Writings

The Taijiquan Classics In Li I Yu's Handwritten Manuals

Other Classic Works

Related articles

Dit Ta: The Chinese Art Of Healing Injuries

Peng Jing FAQ Cross Reference


English Books

Chinese Books


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